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Jl. Dollar No. 27A Cengkareng Indah -KAPUK Jakarta Barat 11720, Jakarta Indonesia
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Kami Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Kimia Pembersih & Perawatan, Jasa Pencucian Machine ( Evaporator, Cooling Water, Chiller, Radiator, Boiler, dll) , Kimia khusus lainnya. Produk yang kami hasilkan antara lain; Pembersih Minyak dan Oli ( Degreaser) , Carbon, Karat, Kerak, Coating ( Cat Varnish) , Pencegah Karat ( Rust Protector) , Silicone Emulsi, Obat Batu Bara, Water Treatment, Solvents, dan lain-lain. Semua produk kami sudah dilengkapi dengan technical data, MSDS, dan Certificate Analyst. kami JUGA menyediakan jasa Cleaning untuk Boiler, Chiller, Cooling tower, AHU, Evaporator, Radiator, dll. Special Product Kami : OIL SPILL DISPERSANT ( OSD ) WATER BASE OIL SPILL DISPERSANT ( OSD ) SOLVENT BASE 1. MEMENUHI STANDART UJI PRACTICALLY NON TOXIC & READY BIODEGRADABLE OLEH LABORATORIUM IPB 2. MEMILIKI SERTIFIKAT TERDAFTAR DEPARTEMEN ENERGI DAN SUMBER DAYA MINERAL REPUBLIK INDONESIA DIREKTORAT JENDERAL MINYAK DAN GAS BUMI RUST PREVENTIVE OIL RUST PROTECTOR DEGREASER RIG WASH POWDER RIG WASH LIQUID PAINT REMOVER PAINT KILLER FUEL OIL TREATMENT MOLD CLEANER SILICONE MOLD RELEASE SPECIALIST CLEANING CLEANING COOLING TOWER CLEANING EVAPORATUR CLEANING CHILLER CLEANING BOILER CLEANING ISOTANK CLEANING & FLUSHING H/ E PIPE AT CLEANING FIN COIL CLEANING & FLUSHING TURBINE CLEANING HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANING & FLUSHING WATER COOLER MAINTENANCE WATER TRATMENT LIMBAH CHEMICAL PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA will serve solution of the Customers. COMPANY BACKGROUND PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA is private company start the business from chemical cleaning & maintenance product with the row material import from Korea and local product.The market is local in Indonesia region at Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatra Island.PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA is decided to expand the business in the Chemical Cleaning & Maintenance, Service and Cleaning and General Engineering for industrial segment. PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA provide chemical, Boiler, Heat exchanger, Tanks, Vessels, Piping and Spare part to: • Industrial companies • Utility companies • Shipyards/ shipbuilding • Building companies • House hold/ sanitary equipment At this sector, our target is: PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA will serve solution of the Customers. We always do the best for customer; we aim to add optimal value to their business.Therefore we continuously seek to increase our expertise in chemical cleaning and maintenance, Service, Cleaning and Engineering technology. This is our aim: An attractive product and experience personnel, offering our customer high quality, technological leadership, efficient and optimum growth. BUSINESS AREA PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA has defined four business areas, each effectively supported by after sales activities: i. Specialty Chemical for Industrial such as Lubrication, Metal Treatment, Oil Spill Dispersant, Degreaser, more ii. Water Treatment Chemical Specially for Cooling Tower, Chiller, Boiler, Heat exchanger and Fuel treatment. iii. Chemical Cleaning, Specially for industrial and Building Cleaning Maintenance for Cooling Tower, Chiller, Boiler, Steam Turbine, Heat Exchanger, Compressor, Gen Set, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Air Conditioning System, etc. iv. General Service & Cleaning in Mechanical and Electrical. Together with Chemical Manufacturer capability, PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA team supported by exclusive workshop completed with the equipment to serve our customer with optimum result. PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA provide intensive and comprehensive program in : A. Chemical Product : 1. Produce and Supplies of MOTTOCHEM Cleaning and Maintenance Program in Degreasing, Metal Pre Treatment, Specialty Chemicals. 2. Treatment Program for scale, sludge and deposit. 3. Treatment program for rust and corrosion. 4. Provides analysis service. 5. De-scaling process when needed. 6. On site analysis of water on treatment. 7. Monthly water treatment report ( or on schedule request agreement) . B. General Services as follows: 1. Regular service by our district engineer. 2. 24 hours emergency call in the case of work order and trouble or emergency case. 3. Market oriented and guaranteed product availability and quality consistency. 4. Use of flexible system of chemicals treatment resulting in greater effectiveness 5. Regular in plan service by a competently trained service Engineer 6. Technical assistance on specific on specific water treatment problems. 7. Cleaning of Air Conditioning, Evaporator and Air Handling Unit equipment such as Coils, Fins, Dip pan, etc by our competentlyTrained technical service completed with our jet pump and magnetic jet pump. 8. Monthly Water Treatment Analysis report to the Customer. Should you have any queries concerning this company’ s profile, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will grateful to have an opportunity to demonstrate to you the range and quality of our product as well as our services. Yours Sincerely, PT. MOTTO SURALINDO CHEMIKA
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